Adding Value to Your Service Business with Automation

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Published Date: Sep 18, 2017 | Blog Category: eWomenNetwork
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Automation is not only a valuable strategy in manufacturing. As a Business Strategy Coach specializing in supporting Service Professionals to launch their first online course or group program, I teach my clients to use automation as a valuable addition to their business.


Adding Value to Your Service Business with Automation

What is Automation?

Automation describes the process of offering content that you tend to use for every client in pre-recorded videos, downloadable worksheets, checklists, blueprints and interactive online tools such as questionnaires and assessments.

Adding interactive elements such as calls or workshops will add your personal touch and make your program a unique offering.

The degree of automation mostly depends on the business model of the Service Professional. It can be implemented across a continuum from being delivered live to being delivered fully automated (i.e. pre-recorded).

Adding Value with Automation

Both you and your client can hugely benefit from automated services. For you, the benefit can be lead generation, revenue generation and value creation.

For your client, the main benefit comes from additional choice, flexibility and often multiple price points for your services.

Some clients simply prefer to work with pre-recorded content that they can consume from the comfort of their home or office at a time convenient to them. Introverts, like my client Julie, are delighted if you offer automated services:

As an extreme introvert I love the access to pre-recorded sessions. I can do them from the comfort of my home, without having to engage in a group.

Personal Touch

The key to providing services that are unique and carry a high value is adding personal interaction to the program.

These elements could be:

  • Group Training Call

  • Q&A Call

  • Business Hour

  • Personal Mentor Call

  • VIP Day (group or individual)

  • Workshop or Seminar (in-person or online)

By combining automated components and interactive elements you have a powerful new service offering you can package and offer to your clients. Adding this new level of programs can be a game changer for Service Professionals. It frees them up from the pay-by-the-hour business model and provides greater freedom and flexibility.

When I work with my clients, I use a five-step process to help them define their business model in a Strategy Review session. Once we are clear on their business model, we then design their perfect program(s) that supports their strategy.

Following these five steps ensures you are not leaving out important steps on the way. 

Adding Value to Your Service Business with Automation

As a proud member of eWomenNetwork I offer a number of no-fee consultations to eWN members. I help them define their path from Big Idea to Big Leap. Apply now for your 2-Step Clarity Session. 


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Author, Petra Mayer

Petra Mayer, owner of Petra Mayer Consulting, is a Vancouver-based business strategy coach and consultant. She helps coaches, consultants and service professionals throughout North America and beyond to develop and launch their first Online Course or Group Program and to move from website shame to website fame. Petra’s approach is based on more than 15 years of experience in online strategy and e-commerce. To find out more, visit or contact Petra at


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